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Quantum Magnetic Resonance Analyzer Testing Procedures

Author:Metatron  UpdateTime:2019-06-19
1.When the power supply of the computer is not turned on, inspect whether the computer, the sensor, the printer and other equipment are connected well; the probe of the tester must be plugged tightly;
2.Survey and record the basic conditions (name, sex, date of birth eto) of the tested person;
3.Start the computer and inspect whether the computer, the sensor the printer and other equipment run well
4.Prompt the tested person to relax the feeling, not to speak and to keep steady breathing;
5.Require the tested person to grasp the test rod by the left or right hand;
6.Close all other application programs and open (Quantum Resonance Magnetic Analyzer) for testing.
7.During testing, the test person's skin should not be touched; the hand should naturally press to grasp the test rod and not wobble.
8.After the testing is finished, the instrument should be cleaned to make Z be in a good standby condition.


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