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Metatron Hunter 4025 Device Use In The Oncological Processes

Author:Metatron  UpdateTime:2017-11-06
During last few years there was a strong development of all kinds of hardware diagnostics used in oncology. Such technologies include traditional X-ray examination with its methodic varieties (rontgenoscopy, rontgenography and others), ultrasonic diagnostics, computer tomography (CT) and magnetic resonance tomography (MRT), traditional angiography, different methods and techniques of nuclear medicine, and NLS method which is widely used in oncology with the help of Metatron system. Mutual vectors of that kind of developments are: increasing of NLS technologies hardware significance and difficulty and also individual devices; general integration of this method along with different technologies for diagnostics problems solving in the context of single anatomical region, system or pathology.
In oncology NLS diagnostic is oriented mainly for solving fundamental problems which are oncological diseases pre- revealing, their nosologic diagnostic, staging and cure results oversee. In the present days we can talk about forming of NLS-diagnostics special tendencies which are realized on various stages of oncological treatment and demand all sorts of organized, technological and technical approach. Such as:
1. Early (pre-clinical) new growths diagnostics or oncological diseases screening;
2. Pathological organs and tissue changes evaluation using noninvasive NLS-technologies;
2.1. Diagnostics and differential diagnostics of discovered pathological growths, particularly oncological and non-oncological diseases, anatomical and functional peculiar properties process determination;
2.2. Cancerous growth staging including traditional oversee of primary growth prevalence, regional lymphatic nodes metastasizes and distant metastasizes;
2.3. Results of surgical, medicinal and radiation therapy oversee, including the factual change of tumor tissue, and complication and reactions that appear in the course of healing;
2.4. Patients case monitoring after treatment.
The solution of every abovementioned task can be used in specific pathological process which also requires combined use of NLS-diagnostic and various ray technologies. Principle of sequential advancement from simpler technique to more complicated using NLS-diagnostics dominated in last years, now fundamentally another method is widely spread. It is about choosing the most effective including most expensive methods or their combination for the best and fastest results.
During last years the typical example in this sphere of business is the three-dimensional reconstruction images of tissue tumor based upon the results of multivariate NLS-scopy using Metatron Hunter 4025 of Z-series high-speed nonlinear multivariate scanners and Hunter diagnostic program in combination with computer and magnetic resonance tomography for tumor process prevalence oversee in the whole organism. This kind of approach inevitably leads to serious structural changes as in diagnostic itself and in oncological practice as a whole.
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