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The History Of Bioplasm-NLS

Author:Metatron  UpdateTime:2018-06-05
The aim of the development by Russian scientists of the bioplasm nls is to contribute to the sustenance  (up-keep) of the body in its capacity to self-heal and tendency towards homeostasis.  It is all based on bio-chemical energetic fields which have been known for a long time in the tradition of Chinese medicine and ayurveda. This knowledge has recently been used by several scientists. The Russians are among those who have studied the influence of electromagnetic radiation on living organisms.
Nicolas TESLA (1856-1943) , a real electronic genius, created the foundation of the non-linear quantum generator which is used in the technology of Bioplasm-NLS.
His work was followed-up by the French G. LAKHOVSKY, who studied the effect of radio frequencies on plants and animals.
The American R. RIFE measured the influence of the electromagnetic frequencies on the “bio-field” or “biological field” of the human being.
Towards 1950, the German R. VOLL developed  methods to measure the energy of acupuncture points.  He particularly measured the electric potential of the “biologic active points” which reflect the functional degree of an organ. VOLL’s method gave sometimes inexact measurements, but later development gave more precise results. One of the latest methods is called “non-linear analysis – NLS” and is used by the Bioplasm-NLS.
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