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Biophilia Intruder NLS Health Analyzer Will Make Your Life Better

Author:Metatron  UpdateTime:2020-11-09
Biophilia Intruder Non-linear Analysis intelligent health management system-NLS Analysis, testing and evaluation with non-linear systems of the physical and psycho-emotional state - a relatively new approach to the biofeedback world of humans in alternative medicine. This area is relatively young, but already has gained the respect of many professionals and actively used in the detection of abnormalities or misbalances in the physical and psychoemotional state.
With it you can not only analyze, but also to obtain good results without the tedious, painful and lengthy analysis and tests. This system allows a good specialist to identify lesions and dysfunctions of the Energy system in minutes and make the right decision regarding the use of impact technology on the target of excitation to neutralize the negative factors and dysfunction not only in its midst, but the organism as a whole.


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