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The 9D NLS Health Analyzer version on sale
  • Version : Bioplasm 9D NLS
  • Model Number : 9D NLS
  • Product Size : 36x26x12CM
  • Color : Black
  • Language :English, French, Spanish, German, Korean, Italian, Polish, Malay, Portuguese, Romanian, Turkish, Croatian, Serbian and so on


Bio-resonance or NLS-diagnostics aim at obtaining information about the state of your health using computer and special programs. The data about an objective state of body tissues, cells, chromosomes and even hormones are being transmitted in real-tie and instantly decoded in the form of specific diagnoses and recommendations.

As long as 10 minutes can effectively control the body health:

1. Overall,a one-time can be a general inspection to the human body.

2. Non-intrusive,green,no wound,the voltage,current,not in contact with skin.

3. Quickly,each test is less than 1 minute,10 minutes to complete the main areas of the body scanner.

4. Accurate efficiency is high,the detection accuracy is as high as 90%-93% above.

5. Early detection,through the cell energy change,which can predict the future 3 to 5 years of health

6. Visual image,the client can see their health through 3D image.


What Can 9D-NLS Device Testú║

Complex Analysis of all organs and systems of the human body The cardiovascular system Gastro-intestinal tract Genital-urinary system Musculoskeletal system Bronchi-pulmonary system The endocrine system Visual and hearing aids/organs The nervous system Biochemical analysis of blood without interference Infection in the organs and systems - viruses, bacteria, fungi, protozoa, helminths infection, etc. (staphylococci and streptococci, giardiasis, trichomonas, chlamydia, urea plasma, and so on) Qualitative assessment of hormone levels, adrenal, pituitary, pancreas, thyroid, gonads Level of immunity Allergy diagnosis Medical testing (individual selection of drugs) Chromosomal diagnosis Laboratory Analysis (blood counts, biochemical parameters, hormones, trace elements) Treatment of pathological processes identified by the bio resonance therapy (meta-therapy). The treatment method LITHOTHERAPY (spectral frequencies individually selected minerals) Fear, Emotional Matrix, relationship Matrix, etc....


The Meta-Therapy frequency treatment:

The brain will receive a signal regarding the need to test one or more organs of the body, which signal is displayed on the computer monitor and is captured in the headphones of subject. The signal represents a series of electromagnetic oscillations characteristic of healthy organs. Every human body possesses its own particular spectrum of electromagnetic oscillations. The question regarding the state of the health can be explored, and in response to a question, the subject’s brain provides an answer, which is then perceived by the sensors. The outcome represents the state of the body organism.


Aura & Chakra :


The following functions are only in the 9D-NLS:

1.The standards groups setting.

2. Fixing the three selected research schemes.

3. Automatic determination of the entropy index.

4. Auto META-Therapy

5.Can choose scanning speed

6.More convenient customer management .

7.More flexible Diagnostic report editing .

8.More intuitive diagnostic report .

9.More research scheme.

10.More Comparison of the database.

11.Faster scanning speed .

12.Accurate anatomic structures.

13.User friendly.

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